Sharing . Connecting . Creating .

A World Different . Yet Same Same

Hola, I am Janice, Janicita or 洁莹

Born in Singapore, I have lived in 4 countries on 3 continents,
travelled to 44 countries and still counting. As of now, I have
chosen to be based back in Singapore.
With my culturally diverse profile including the ability to speak the top three languages of the world (English, Mandarin and Spanish), I am able to cross and connect different cultures – Western, Asian and Latino. I would
like to share what I know, bridge the cultural gap and make
people understand one another a little better. With that, I believe
we will be able to inspire one another and create a more fulfilling
story both for ourselves and this ‘different yet same same’ world
all of us are a part of. 
My services are location independent and I can be available
onsite or offsite depending on business needs.

Services I Offer   

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Professional Consultancy

Professional Consultancy

Helping to connect businesses in Europe and/or Latin America to connect with China and/or rest of Asia by providing consultancy services in the areas of:

  • business development
  •  human resources
  • cultural coaching
  • service orientation
Translation and Teaching

Translation and Teaching

Teaching and Translating in English, Chinese and Spanish languages.     

Specialize in live translation for Hospitality and FMCG industries.

In the midst of completing ‘Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language CertificateITCFL, with Beijing Language and Culture University.

Other Creative Projects

Other Creative Projects

Creating ‘Total Experiences’ by the way of :

Fusion Vegetarian Food Creator and Menu Designer.

Specially Curated Events and Workshops.

Any other interesting projects that you might have which require my expertise.

Connect With Me 

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    You might be wondering at the diversity of services I offer. You should – I do not have a typical profile. I am a unique blend, integrating the ‘business know-how’ of the corporate world and the ‘free-flowing innovative spirit’ of the non-corporate to achieve a ‘New World’ mindset that is global and well-rounded. To have a more complete picture of how i can help you, get to know me  better. Please feel free to connect with me for a chat or to bounce off any new and interesting ideas that you might have.